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Servicing Richmond, Virginia and surrounding localities, LAKESIDE STOVE & FIREPLACE SERVICE offers installation and repair of all brands of gas logs and gas fireplace products. Where most retailers only service the brands they sell, Lakeside Stove & Fireplace Service is pleased to work on all brands!

As a former fireplace retailer for nearly 30 years, I've sold and installed all types of gas logs, gas stoves and gas fireplaces over the years. Finding that I really enjoyed working in the field more than in the store, I can now do the work I find most rewarding: coming to your home and troubleshooting problems that most service companies just don't like to fool with. I recognize that you spent hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of dollars when you purchased your gas hearth appliance, and the failure of one small part shouldn't necessitate a complete replacement. Gas logs and gas fireplaces can provide decades of dependable service when professionally installed and properly maintained.

We Service What THEY Sold
Even if your gas hearth appliance is 20 years old, made by a defunct manufacturer or is an obsolete model, there's a good chance it can be fixed to work as good as new - or even better! Having a trained professional on the job often provides the opportunity to catch safety problems and correct installation errors to maximize the beauty and efficiency of your gas hearth product.

Whether you were referred to me by a local fireplace store or by one of thousands of our long-time customers, I hope you'll find some of the troubleshooting tips and FAQ's on my website helpful. If you'd like to schedule a service appointment then please give me a call or submit a service request.

I don't have a staff of employees to take calls and schedule appointments, so I'll personally return your call, usually early in the morning or in the evening when I'm back in the office. I look forward to helping you with your gas fireplace needs.

-Tom Martin, "The Gas Log Man"
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``` Lakeside Stove & Fireplace Service offers maintenance and repair of gas logs and gas fireplaces
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